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Menorca Weekend Sep '05

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Eric drives us out through the storm

The wind picks up. We head for shore

Struggling back to the dive centre....

...and Jez decides to go for a snorkel.

The fish are oblivious.

A seastar adds some colour.

This hole's a bit small for us.

A Seastar clings to a rock.

Jonathan admires the fish... they swarm around us.

We enter the moonpool..

..and surface in the small chamber..

..slowly, one at a time...

..and have a quick chat..

...before returning down the passage.. the freefall postion...

..saying hello to a shrimp on the way.

Next door is switchback...

..and here comes everyone else.

Meanwhile the fish wait outside.

Back on land we play with 'Soccer' dog (the only reference to 'Soccer' allowed!)

Many thanks again to Helen & Simon.

The fun end of the table!

And the rest of us.

Finally calm descends on the bay!!


Some pictures from our trip in September. Check out the May Trip.

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