Here are the Details of Malaysia.

When to go
Good Feb - Nov. Exceptional Apr - Sep.
Marine Life
Sipadan, off Borneo, and Malaysia's east-coast islands have reefs teeming with fish life. Turtles, large shoals of fish and pelagics including hammerhead, sharks, manta rays and whale sharks are often encountered.
Suits beginners to advanced. Sipadan has fringing reefs and a coral wall which drops thousands of fee, while peninsular Malaysia's islands have reefs and rock outcrops plus some deep wrecks for technical divers. Nitrox facilites are limited.
Sipadan's drop-off coral wall attracts divers from all over th world. Other sites include Barracuda Point, the Hanging Gardens and Turtle Cavern, with its skeletal remains of turtles. The Redang Archipelago's coral-encrusted Big Seamount is reputed to be peninsular Malaysia's best dive site. Tioman's main resorts are best dived at night when marine traffice stops. Live-aboards sail from some areas although they are now banned from Sipadan.
Moderate to Expensive
In Water
Lightweight wetsuit or Lycra suit.
On Land
Light tropical clothing.
Normal reef hazards. Restrictions on diver numbers to protect Sipadan's reefs have been promised by the Malaysian government but not yet enforced.
The Malaysian Ringgit.